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Can I choose any flowers to put on our cakes? Flowers are much cheaper in my local supermarket?


No, flowers from florists and supermarkets are not safe to put on cakes because they are not ‘food-grade’. It is really important to source fresh edible flowers which have never been sprayed with any pesticides and which have preferably been grown in organic soil. We love Maddocks Farm Organics in Cullompton and The Flower Project in Dartington. We remove any pollen bearing parts of edible flowers to minimise allergens.

What type of flowers can we have on our cakes?

Not all flowers are suitable for putting on cakes. We only use Organic, unsprayed, edible blooms. Edible flowers can add vibrant colour and a hint of subtle flavour to your cake. Here are just a few which can turn a yummy cake into a boho cake!


  • Primrose flowers (March and April)

  • Tulips  (March and April)

  • Violets (March and April)

  • Elderflowers (May and June)

  • Cornflowers or ‘Bachelor’s Buttons’ (May to October)

  • Daisies (March onwards)

  • Honeysuckle (June)

  • Strawberry flowers (early summer)

  • English Lavender (June until the middle of October)

  • Pansies (March to November)

  • Borage (April to October)

  • Nasturtium (July to September)

  • Dahlias and  Snapdragons (May to October)

  • Roses - the most potent symbol of love there is - fresh, dried or crystallised, rose petals are a thing of beauty! Roses (May to October) Please specify the colour(s) of rose you would like.

Do you make gluten and dairy-free cakes?

Yes we do. If you or a guest at your party/event has any food allergies please talk to us about them and we will be happy to cater for them. We want everyone to enjoy our cakes so we take every precaution to keep ‘free-from’ ingredients and regular ingredients well away from each other. Please note that our cakes will be prepared in the same kitchen with the same equipment as all our other products.

Do you make Vegan cakes?

Yes, we can make vegan celebration cakes which do not include any dairy products or eggs.

Can you deliver our cake to our wedding venue?

Yes, we can deliver cakes within the Devon area. When you contact me with your wedding information I can calculate the delivery costs to your venue and add them to your cake-quote. Larger, tiered cakes need careful handling! We pack each tier separately into sealed cake boxes and bring them to your venue where we assemble the cake ‘in-situ’ and arrange your chosen flowers and berries onto your cake. We also include the hire of our very heavy and rustic tree log cake stands. We have some glass pedestal stands which we are happy to hire.

Celebration cakes, fairy cakes and mini layer cakes can either be collected from our kitchen or delivered locally.

We want the cake to be on display for a few hours at our party, is that ok?

Naked cake sponges are freshly baked and do not have their moisture ‘sealed-in’ by a layer of fondant icing like fully iced cakes. We brush our sponges with flavoured sugar syrups so our sponges stay moist. All cakes need to be displayed in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and away from heat or humidity to prevent them drying out.


Note - Fresh cream and cream-cheese fillings:


For cakes which are filled with fresh cream, chantilly cream, cream cheese, or mascarpone it is important to make sure that they are not left unrefrigerated for any longer than four hours. Once a cake with a fresh-cream filling has been cut and shared, any leftover pieces must be refrigerated immediately. Unless your cake is going to be consumed soon after delivery and assembly, we would advise filling cake layers with buttercream or chocolate ganache which can be kept on display for longer because of their higher sugar content.


When shall we cut and eat the cake?

When you are planning your special day it is important to consider when you will be cutting and sharing the cake as this affects portion size and the time in which the cake will be left out.  Is the cake going to be served as a toast with a glass of fizz? Maybe it is going to be part of an afternoon-tea celebration? Is it going to be part of your evening celebration, maybe after a buffet? Is your cake going to be the pudding course after a meal served with fresh cream or ice cream? Please keep this in mind when contacting us.

How do I cut the cake?

Each bake comes with a little guide on how to cut your cake and what non-edibles have been used to display your cake (like cake ‘dowels’ to support tiered sponges or cake ‘picks’ and straws used to hold flower stems in place. (stems shouldn’t be poked directly into sponges!)

I found my perfect cake on Pintrest! Can you make it for me?

Pictures are such a great way of communicating what style of cake you would like. Social media has meant that cake fashions are quick to spread! Please, by all means, include any pictures or web links with your enquiry and we can plan how to make a similar cake.