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Cake can be the most visual way of celebrating the love we have for our friends and families. The sharing of cake lies at the heart of special occasions like birthdays, weddings, christenings and anniversaries. This cake has to be yummy, it has to look great and it has to be eaten! I'm passionate about creating cakes which are both delicious and beautiful and which are made from freshly sourced Devon produce.


I started baking at the age of three and have never lost my passion for real British Baking. I come from a long line of incredible home bakers and I still use my Granny’s old handwritten recipes!


I live with my family in a pretty Devonshire village nestled in the gentle rolling hills of the South Hams. I draw so much of my inspiration from this lush landscape with its sea, cliffs, meadows, and moors. Home is an eighteenth century Mill house with the river Harbourne meandering along the bottom of the garden.


Living so close to one of the World’s ‘funkiest towns’ is also a great source of inspiration! The vibrant and bohemian market town of Totnes is full of colour and energy and a rich source of fresh Devonshire produce. In the warmer months I handpick fresh berries from our local fruit farm in Ashprington and use them to tumble over freshly baked sponges. We make our own conserves and fresh curds to sandwich between our sponge layers. We only use the freshest of eggs from Devon’s hens and the creamiest of butter made locally in the southwest. If you would like your cake to be completely organic we can source most of our organic ingredients locally.



About Me

- Lisa Sallis